Mining NILU coin with AMD RX580 8G

Nilu is a blockchain-based platform with a wide range of applications.

Its infrastructure is the same as Ethereum, therefore it inherits Ethereum’s features and potential usages.

Interest in the NILU is still low and the difficulty is low.
This makes the coin interesting for mining, especially for RIG owners with AMD video cards.

NILU coin is traded on two exchanges:

Create Wallet

You can choose from an online wallet

or on your mobile phone

Choose a pool

By now – 2020.04.04 it is more profitable to mining Solo.

Create batch file and start mining

For example:

mining pool:


PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal 0xa9E4e18165B30Ff6dBa7937f3eCb7b133D4Fecd8 -pass x -worker rig1 -coin exp


EthDcrMiner64 -epool -ewal 0xa9E4e18165B30Ff6dBa7937f3eCb7b133D4Fecd8 -eworker rig-1 -epsw x -allcoins exp -mode 1


ethminer.exe -U -P stratum1+tcp://
-G for AMD, -U for Nvidia

See the video for details

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